009 – How do Values fit with OT practice?

A rather spontaneous recording whilst getting some vitamin D, sitting outside, and relaxing. You know what they say, strike while the iron is hot, so whilst thinking about how I utilised values and values assessments within and occupation-based practice context it seemed like the perfect time to put my thoughts on record….and then send them out to the world.

A bit of a reflection on how I’ve used concepts such as Occupational Need, Values, Occupational Disruption, and how these interrelate in order for us to be able to support people with more authentic interventions and recommendations.

The example model discussed in this podcast is the Theory of Basic Human Values and is shown below.

As is highlighted in the episode this is just one of many, many models of values and how they interact.

This is a brief overview of how I think about these concepts interact together and I will be exploring them individually in more detail in future podcasts.


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