035 – The Realities of living with Schizophrenia

Rachel Star Withers

There’s very little I can say about RachelStarLive that she hasn’t expressed herself in one of her amazing youtube videos. So using her own words, Rachel is a “schizophrenic badass from Youtube and TV stuff.” She’s been on Americas Got Talent & Ninja Warrior. She is a Mental Health advocate. She’s a Schizophrenic (listen to the episode before you take offence to the word). She’s survived a flesh-eating bacteria. She’s a Stuntwoman. She is not a pornstar.  

Her story is diverse, scary, inspiring, shocking and all that without even considering her schizophrenia. When people say they’ve “been through some stuff,” Rachel is the embodiment of that phrase. 

I’ve personally used some of Rachel’s videos to help teach students about the lived experience of various symptoms etc. So when it came to wanting to highlight lived experience on the podcast there was no one else for me, It had to be Rachel. 

There are a lot of things that originally drew me to Rachel’s content. Firstly her energy. The way she presents information is full of buzz and very engaging. As she discusses in the podcast, if you didn’t know she had schizophrenia, you wouldn’t guess by watching her videos. To a large degree that is one of the learning points, I liked from her content. Her descriptions of her experienced symptoms are dynamic, descriptive and strangely comprehend-able for a wide audience. 

Rachel has been working on her own movie called Stuntgirl so give her Youtube a follow and stay up to date with all of her mental health and stunt content! 

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