052 – An OT Students Lived Experience of Chronic Pain

chronic pain

Continuing on a bit of a trend of lived experiences on the podcast I roped in the awesome Taylah Douglass to have a chat about her experience with Chronic Pain. Taylah is currently completing her OT degree just outside of Melbourne Australia and the combination of her study and her experience of pain has given her some great insights into its impact on occupational engagement.

Her story and her insights are invaluable and I learned so much about the mindset, and the toll that pain can have on a person. With roughly 1/5 people having chronic pain of some kind in their lives if you are lucky enough to not experience this for yourself you will definitely work with someone during your career who does. For this reason, gaining an understanding of the experience and toll of pain on a person is invaluable for an Occupational Therapist.

Resources Mentioned in the podcast:
Thankyoudrsarno.org (page full of success stories healing from chronic pain through the mind-body connection)

Dr Howard schubiner – “unlearn your pain” and also has YouTube videos.
Dr John Sarno: “the divided mind”
Nicole Sachs (therapist working with pain  patients) – “the meaning of truth”
Steven Ozanich – “The great pain deception”

“The cure for chronic pain” – Nicole Sachs 
“The mind and fitness podcast” – Eddie Lindenstein (pain success stories through the mind-body connection, relating chronic pain to athletes and fitness) 

Taylah’s details for any questions or feedback! 

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