060 – BEST OF – Online Technology for Occupational Therapy



Voted by you guys as one of the four best episodes thus far, Dr Anita Hamilton has arguably had the biggest influence of any individual on my OT career. If you’ve heard this episode before I can guarantee you’ll get something new out of it. If you haven’t heard this amazing episode before, strap in, you’re in for a ride!


The one and only Dr Anita Hamilton has had a MASSIVE influence on my career and volunteered me for a number of amazing opportunities I would not otherwise have had the fortitude to tackle. Anita is an expert and leader in the space of OT’s utilising¬†online technology and has been a massive proponent of the OT4OT group who founded and help facilitate the whole range of 4OT facebook communities.

Stay tuned to the end for a WORLD EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the ongoing future of the OT24VX virtual conference!!!

Also find the “first follower” video discussed in the episode:

Anita’s video highlighting the use of her model of knowledge dissemination “the IM-KT Framework”:

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