027 – Occupational Observations of a Natural Disaster

I’d like to reflect on a natural disaster. At the beginning of February 2019 the city where I live was stuck under a monsoonal rain even for over a week. This event dumped over 1.6m (5ft) of water in 7 days. Townsville being a typically dry place was not designed or ready to drain and divert more than its yearly rainfall in one week. What proceeded was a 1 in 100 year wet event with unprecedented flooding.
Throughout the event I received so many messages from friends, family and fans of the podcast and I’d like to thank you for your thoughts and concern. It meant the worlds. Long story short, myself, my family and most importantly my dog are all fine. We didn’t even get the worst of it. Some of the suburbs on the south side of Townsville were completely devastated. In many cases lost everything they owned.
The Podcast
This podcast is some observations I made during the even through an occupational lens. My aim is not to sugar coat, nor shield anyone from the realities of natural disaster. I do discuss, death, loss of possessions, grief, etc so if this is something you are sensitive to then please ensure you are appropriately supported or alternatively skip this episode. I also touch on some of the amazing things to come out of such a difficult time. People pulling together to help each-other, rescue each-other, and dropping everything for each-other. In some cases even using their own tools and resources to help their fellow man without hesitation.
Social media played a massive role during this natural disaster and I reflect on exactly how I saw this powerful tool being utilised. From that I also explore my own occupational experience during the floods.
This video should give you an idea of the water levels and widespread devastation.
Video by Cameron Laird

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