028 – Seniors Flourish in a Digital World with Mandy Chamberlain

You may know Mandy as Seniors Flourish. She’s an OT. Entrepreneur. Business Owner. OG OT Podcaster. Online OT personality. but most of all she was kind enough to come and have a chat with us here at OCCUPIED.
Many of you may have come across her work on social media where she produces and curates tonnes of useful and interesting content for therapists in all areas of practice. Her work is, as the name suggests, predominantly targeted at those working with seniors in the aged care sector and we explored just why her passions lay in this practice area.
It was an extremely fun conversation that had us both laughing a lot. We explored Mandy’s journey into OT, her business, her podcast, the evolution of digital tech and even her dance prowess.
If you don’t already definitely get along and check out her website and social profiles:
And if you are in aged care or have an interest in aged care her membership site, The Learning Lab, provides and unprecedented community of support and resources to help you develop your practice.
Also we’re still waiting for her dance video…..
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