040 – Michelle Perryman Hijacks Occupied


A while ago I asked Michelle to come and be a guest on Occupied. As I had expected she agreed but then retorted, “I’m going to interview you”. We both laughed and that was that for a couple months while we tried to nail down an appropriate time. When we did find a time Michelle mentioned that she had been thinking about questions to ask me. This is when I finally realised she was serious….she was intending to hijack the podcast!

In all seriousness though, Michelle and I have known each other for a long time and we talk often about all things OT and OS so I knew her questions and ideas were going to be deep. We went right through my OT history but from the perspective of my conceptual development which was an interesting reflection.

I hope there’s something for everyone in this one as we explore a whole gamut of OT and the OT process. Some strong discussions around Occupation based practice, institutional trauma, alternative lenses and where we’d like to see the profession go in the future.

Keep occupied


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