041 – How to Become an Entrepreneur in Private Practice

Laura Park Figueroa, to me, is something special in the profession. To take on the often scary role of an entrepreneur and turn your passion into a private practice takes STONES. This is exactly what Laura has done with her practice, Outdoor Kids Occupational Therapy. Loving the great outdoors and having that connection with nature are driving forces behind the business.

Laura also runs the Mind Your OT Business podcast where she shares her insights and thoughts about private practice and supporting OT’s to take the plunge! We delved into her journey into private practice as well as what it might take for others to do the same.

I was able to draw on my experience of a time when I NEARLY became an entrepreneur myself and Laura helped me highlight the areas where I could have improved.

I’m a firm believer that many of the amazing new and adventurous OT practice out there at the moment is coming from the brave people in the entrepreneurial space. Those that are brave enough to really back up their words and turn their passions into projects that help others.

Check out Laura’s amazing work here:



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