053 – Brooke George is Teaming with Dementia


I know a lot of passionate people. I also know a lot of people in a lot of different practice areas. I’ve been lucky enough to know a couple of people who are incredibly passionate about working in the aged care sector. Brooke George has an amazing passion for working with people who have dementia. Those of you who have listened to a couple of episodes will know that this is far from my forte so I’ve been keen to learn more.

This conversation was one that I’d wanted to have for a long time given my own knowledge gap. I learned an absolute tonne about working with people with dementia. We also explored how Occupation based practice can be exemplified in this practice area. Brooke was also able to highlight some of the difficulties of working in this practice area.

It was a fantastic conversation and Brooke was brilliant. I learned a tonne from her expertise and I’m sure you will too.


Brooke also posts a TONNE of amazing videos and resources on her Instagram profile so definitely give her a follow if youre interested in learning even more! 😀

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