035 – The Realities of living with Schizophrenia

Rachel Star Withers

There’s very little I can say about RachelStarLive that she hasn’t expressed herself in one of her amazing youtube videos. So using her own words, Rachel is a “schizophrenic badass from Youtube and TV stuff.” She’s been on Americas Got Talent & Ninja Warrior. She is a Mental Health advocate. She’s a Schizophrenic (listen to […]

034 – The Dark Side of Occupation with Dr Rebecca Twinley

Occupational therapy

Dr Twinley came into my life, as many have, via online connections and shared thoughts on Occupation and Occupational Therapy. When we first connected was just before she publicly released the concept of The Dark Side of Occupation. This concept very easily resonated with me. It integrated into my clinical practice and conceptualization very easily. […]

033 – Thoughts on how OT’s can talk about OT

It’s OT Month in the states and I’ve seen a TONNE of social media posts promoting the profession and saying how amazing we are and outlining the wide variety of things we can do. What I haven’t seen is a large swell of people promoting the profession outside of the profession. I’m all for giving […]

032 – The Rocket OT returns to Earth: Occupation in Action

Occupational Therapy

You may remember Simone from episode 2! She is the creator of the Regulation Rocket and an amazing occupation based pediatric OT. Simone has definitely been one of our most popular guests. She has just got back to Australia after spending a year traveling the world (pretty sure the last episode was recorded from Japan!). […]