022 – Going From Burnt Out to Lit Up with Erika Del Pozo

burnout occupational therapy

Erika is an OT and entrepreneur who together with her husband, Mike, run their business Joy Energy Time. Their focus on burnout in health professionals is a contemporary issue that needs to be addressed now before it becomes an epidemic. How I found Erika I first came across Joy Energy Time on Instagram and, being […]

Why bother with NY resolutions?

Resolutions, Jasmin Elliott, New years

So I know there’s going to be tonnes of this around today and tomorrow but I thought I’d add my 2 cents. A good friend of mine asked if I had any “New Years Resolutions this year”. I don’t like New Years Resolutions for a few reasons but the main one is they just don’t […]

021 – In Depth on Diversity with Alondra Ammon

Diversity in Occupational Therapy

Alondra Ammon is an Occupational Therapist from California. She graduated with her masters in Occupational Therapy from Samuel Merritt University and is currently working as a school-based OT. Her passion is Diversity and the promotion of the profession! I first came across Alondra’s youtube channel and being a bit of a geek had a search around […]

020 – Is the Sex Disparity in Occupational Therapy all Bad?

Gender Sex Occupational Therapy

Today’s discussion stemmed from a number of observations of late. Seemed like too much of a coincidence that the topic came up multiple times in a very short space of time so I decided to put together my thoughts. I’m very aware that for some people this topic is quite sensitive. I do encourage you […]