059 – BEST OF – Why SMART Goals are DUMB

Voted by you guys as one of the four best episodes thus far, this episode rustled more jimmies than just about any other! My opinion on SMART goals.

Why bother with NY resolutions?

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So I know there’s going to be tonnes of this around today and tomorrow but I thought I’d add my 2 cents. A good friend of mine asked if I had any “New Years Resolutions this year”. I don’t like New Years Resolutions for a few reasons but the main one is they just don’t […]

The Unmotivated Athlete

I recently talked with a fellow coach on the topic of athletes who “aren’t motivated to change/work/push”. This coach described the feeling as “a failure”, because they were unable to “get the athlete to commit to their goals”. The orientation of the discussion, lead me to think about motivation and behaviour change. I then unpacked […]