The Unmotivated Athlete

I recently talked with a fellow coach on the topic of athletes who “aren’t motivated to change/work/push”. This coach described the feeling as “a failure”, because they were unable to “get the athlete to commit to their goals”. The orientation of the discussion, lead me to think about motivation and behaviour change. I then unpacked […]

Why do we bother with “realistic”?

WARNING: this post may upset occupational purists but please do approach it with an open mind. So I was participating in #OTalk at 6am 14th January and it was all about the “Power Of Ideas” in OT….anyway, as I tend to do, I got sidetracked talking to some of the participants about what the actual […]

What is an OT?

In discussions across various forums, I’ve been discussing the current state of Occupational Therapy. It’s been interesting to note that there seems to be an identified issue that is a common thread across a lot of professionals. The issue is that OT’s don’t seem to feel like they’re being allowed to practice the art and […]


So from July 24-26th I was fortunate enough to attend my very first Occupational Therapy National Conference in Adelaide. Not only was I attending this conference but I was also honoured to be asked at last years QLD State conference if I would join the Senior Management Team as the conference Social Media Coordinator. I’m […]