010 – The Grey Revolution: Aged Care’s Young Leaders

Samantha Bowen is an Occupational Therapist from Perth Australia who found her passion in the aged care sector.¬† Samantha started Acorn Network, an entrepreneurial venture aimed at promoting young leaders in the aged care sector by providing mentoring, support and growth services to individuals and companies. http://www.acorn-network.com.au/ Samantha has also just dropped her own podcast […]

009 – How do Values fit with OT practice?

A rather spontaneous¬†recording whilst getting some vitamin D, sitting outside, and relaxing. You know what they say, strike while the iron is hot, so whilst thinking about how I utilised¬†values and values assessments within and occupation-based practice context it seemed like the perfect time to put my thoughts on record….and then send them out to […]

008 – Dr Jessie Wilson and the Co-Op approach

Dr Jessie Wilson is a former colleague of mine who now works at Western University in Canada. Her paediatric and mental health clinical background led her into her Ph.D. around an occupation based therapy project for young adults with autism. We discussed everything from previous episodes of Occupied, some of the marketing issues of the […]