Why bother with NY resolutions?

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So I know there’s going to be tonnes of this around today and tomorrow but I thought I’d add my 2 cents. A good friend of mine asked if I had any “New Years Resolutions this year”. I don’t like New Years Resolutions for a few reasons but the main one is they just don’t […]

018 – Occupational Transition Periods

We’ve looked at values and how they may highlight a person’s occupational needs so the next logical progression is to have a look about what happens when someone changes the occupation that fills a need. That gap between occupations is a time that I feel OT’s can really have an incredible impact on peoples lives. […]

009 – How do Values fit with OT practice?

A rather spontaneous recording whilst getting some vitamin D, sitting outside, and relaxing. You know what they say, strike while the iron is hot, so whilst thinking about how I utilised values and values assessments within and occupation-based practice context it seemed like the perfect time to put my thoughts on record….and then send them out to […]