043 – Sense Rugby: Occupation-Based Practice with Passion

Sense Rugby

Sense Rugby: taking the culture, training, social aspects and the equipment of rugby union and adjusting it to make it fully accessible to their clients.

016 – Sarah Putt is an OT4LYFE pt1

Sarah Putt is pediatric OT and fellow podcaster! She currently runs her own practice but has practiced in more countries than I was able to count and has some amazing stories to go with it! As expected we discuss the amazing medium of podcasting and how OT’s can benefit and engage in it and she […]

012 – OT School to School OT

Stephanie Healey graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast and moved into her first OT position with the Department of Education in her home state. This position turns out to be quite unique in Australia and I wanted to learn all about it. Steph explained the types of intervention she does with her students, […]

002 – Occupation based Pediatrics with the Rocket OT

Simone contacted me on Reddit following the release of Occupied episode 001 saying she wrote a blog called the Rocket OT and had created a visual that “demonstrates how regulation develops and is affected depending on environment/occupation”. After having a chat it was clear that Simone and myself were on similar wavelengths so how could […]