065 – Digital Communication, Confidentiality, and Information Sharing


Do you ever wish communication in healthcare was more efficient? Clarissa does – all the time…so she decided to do something about it!

060 – BEST OF – Online Technology for Occupational Therapy


Voted by you guys as one of the four best episodes thus far, this episode I got to chat to an AMAZING OT, mentor and friend, Dr Anita Hamilton!

051 – When You Love What You Do…WORK with Karen Jacobs


Professor Karen Jacobs is one of those guests that makes me feel super lazy. Any of the projects she has been involved in could be looked at as career-defining by mere mortals like myself.

028 – Seniors Flourish in a Digital World with Mandy Chamberlain

You may know Mandy as Seniors Flourish. She’s an OT. Entrepreneur. Business Owner. OG OT Podcaster. Online OT personality. but most of all she was kind enough to come and have a chat with us here at OCCUPIED. Many of you may have come across her work on social media where she produces and curates […]

011 – Online Technology for Occupational Therapy

The one and only Dr Anita Hamilton has had a MASSIVE influence on my career and volunteered me for a number of amazing opportunities I would not otherwise have had the fortitude to tackle. Anita is an expert and leader in the space of OT’s utilising¬†online technology and has been a massive proponent of the […]